Hi guys,

Ok here is a humdinger for you guys.

August 2009 I bought a gorgeous Signum 1.9 CDTi 150bhp car from a private individual at an awesome price (4k). Lovely condition, only 81K miles. Really pleased, read the V5, 150bhp, red CDTI tag on the back of the motor.

Thought at the time that it was a bit sluggish, but figured that it had just been granny-driven from new.

Got it home, drove it about and invested in a red DTUK box which pepped it up quite a bit (and the fuel consumption unfortunately) but it is still on and insured with it as a fuel saving device, which it is.

Recently I did some work on it and was reading through a post on here that showed a picture of the 150bhp engine and realised it looked totally different to mine. Took it to the local VX stealers and confirmed that it was indeed a 120bhp model. Their DB also showed it as a 120bhp, 8v engine. Totally gutted.

Last night spoke to my insurance and confirmed that DVLA had it registered as a 150bhp, and that I was paying the insurance on a 150bhp.

Made the changes and my insurance dropped.

spoke to VX Customer Services this morning and they said that they had no idea how it had happened but there was nothing I could do. They were very confused about how this had taken place and offered to send me a spec sheet showing the correct engine for me to forward to my insurance and the DVLA. Not prepared to do anything else.

Spoke to DVLA, got to send it in with the log book and a covering letter.

Does anyone else know of this happening before? Is there anything I can do to get VX to make this up?

Is it likely to make any difference to the road tax I pay each year?

Thanks guys, hope someone can give me a clue. Not expecting to be able to have VX pants down though.