CDC40 broken - will not take or remove disks.... Ahhh!!!
Hi All,

My CDC40 will not accept or remove disks, I have a 54 vectra elite only had it 2 weeks and just put on a new battery now this... nightmare.

So took it apart to work this out, by pluggin the machine back in the car with out the front pannel on and operated it via steering wheel, when try to insert remove disks the gate on the front does not open fully although all the machanisms kick in maybe it is the plastic white coggs have worn out..?

SO my options are ...

1 Get it repaired

Does anyone know a place in east london / essex ..? I have emailed these on ebay..

2 Purchase another cdc40 unit, like the one above in the link, and install - if so can some one tell me
A will i need to swap out the screen also - i.e. are the pair married together ..?
B will I have to get it tech2 programmed..? ALso what is this please.

3 Upgrade to another unit for around (only want to spend 200 quidish tops) - i would like a sat nav if possible now im in this situation, can some one recommend a unit ? can it be a non vauxhall ? I would assume so.

Thank you for your time in reading this and any help will be most appreciated