I have a CDTI 150.

Has anyone heard of this 'essentials' range. I believe they are cheaper versions of many serviceable items i.e. pads, disks etc...

Result as I'm getting the DMF replaced under warranty and it seems sensible that the clutch gets replaced as well.

They are offering a 'Genuine Vauxhall' kit (Pressure plate/friction plate and CSC) for £421 inc VAT. (No fitting charge as the DMF will be off) or this 'Essentials' kit which would be the same but £341 inc VAT.

Now usually I try and get the best I can afford, but is it worth the difference? I'm after anyone who has had experience of the cheaper range or knows something about it. Experience of the reliablity of the clutch would be great.

The flywheel is ready to go on so I need to make my mind up pretty quickly.

Cheers for any help