A few months ago I had some hit the back of my 56 plate Vectra C Design, it went in for repairs and was all good, about 4 days after picking the car up the air bag light came on, I took it back and was told it was a low voltage on the driverís side curtain air bag, they cleared the fault and all was good.

Yesterday I was just about to drive to work and the air bag light came on again, I have checked the driverís side connections under the seat like a lot of people have suggested but no luck.

I went to disconnect the battery and found the negative terminal loose and could pull off with my hands (just slipped off). Could this be the cause of the airbag warning light coming back on i.e. low voltage sensed? Is there any way I can clear the airbag warning light? I was in the motor trade about 10 years ago but have lost touch with all my contacts.

Any help would be much appreciated.