can anyone give me some advice

bassically we live in a council house and have done for two years it was a brand new house when we moved in. since moving in to our 2 bedroom home we have had a second child. we asked to move when we had our second but apparently we dont need to cos a 2 bed house is big enuff for 2 kids of the same sex.

all ok

but since we moved in we had a problem with water leaking out of the bathroom and coming through the cieling our ceiling has literally fell down twice and we have small children. they finally mended the problem after comin out about 15 times and its been fine for a while. they came and mended the cieling and did the worlds worst job painting it. and now we have another leak the cieling is wet again and will prob need replacing again.

we owe them money but we no longer feel safe having our children in the house i worry constantly that something will happen and they will get injured.

can we force them to move us?????

hope someone can give advice