My car had a new inlet manifold and cambelt last month, I also cleaned the egr valve out at the same time and found the plunger was seized. Anyway all has been good but gets home today and the mrs says the dreaded words, 'the car is sluggish again', ****** so I took the egr valve off and found it had seized again, so I freed it off and give it a good clean, then whilst I was at it I checked the air filter wasnt filthy, while in there I hoovered the airbox out ripped out the piece or plastic at the bottom as iv been meaning to get round to that, I then also cleaned the boost sensor, put it all back together and it's running great again (for now ) anyway just thought I'd ask some advice on these fiat gaskets again as with it seizing within a month it's not good (only used for short journeys lately as iv been working weekends) also is it worth putting a bit of copperslip on the plunger to keep it moving freely, cheers James
150 cdti sri