Hi All,

Dropped my car into my mates to do an oil change, whilst on the ramp, he notices black soot around the area of the mesh on the downpipe!! it seems it has been leaking for a couple of weeks, & TBH, I did get wiffs of exhaust, & sounds of blowing, & this would explain the puffs of smoke coming from the front on start-up!!.

I asked him to clean the EGR, & do 3rd Injector mod, whilst he was getting his hands dirty doing the downpipe.

Now, I have a smooth start up, great acceleration, & a better note from the exhaust, as non is blowing at the downpipe!!

Looking forward to my MAS Performance re-map/dpf & egr removal. Hoping to see some good gains, as I have a full quad stainless, have done the airbox mod, & have fitted the K&N.

When these cars are running well, they are unbeatable for all round use. I use mine for work, & regularly do 2-3 hundred mile trips. The car is so comfortable (I am just over 6'), I never get any leg/back pains. The auto box, & cruise control are a dream, & the estate can get a lot more in it than many of the other estates I have had.