My phone supports Stereo Bluetooth so I'd like to install a Bury 9060 Crystal to use as a Bluetooth handsfree kit as well as playing back the music on my phone.

Not worried about charging the phone, so this is simple Bluetooth for Phone + Bluetooth Music off phone.

I have a wired FM Modulator which has an input for an MP3 player via a 3.5 mm headphone lead; am I right in thinking the Bury will come with phone wires to hook into this input to my FM Mod input in order to play back Music & listen to phone conversations?

I assume there's nothing that will plug into my actual CDC-40? (Other than possibly a mute wire, which I saw on another post needs to go to Pin 22(?) to mute the radio when a call comes in)

I like the Crystal as it has a very small LCD touch screen, not the large Sat Nav sized one that other car kits have..

Should point out I'd just got a brand new Nokia CK-7W off eBay but realised it doesn't support Bluetooth Music playback before I fitted it.
Literally, I don't want to have to plug my phone in each time I get in the car...

Any offers of advice or thoughts before I buy the Bury?


Ian in London