I'm trying to connect a rear view camera with an LCD monitor. I mount the camera and the LCD and connect all the cables.

I just need to connect the power from the camera to the back driving lights. I need help finding the cables or where to connect the cables to the fuse box.

I also connected the LCD power to the cigarette plug. The problem that I encounter is the following. When I connected the cables to the cigarette lighter , smoke came from the power cable of the LCD.

I retested the system with an 12 V converter and everything still works. I receive image from the rear view camera on the LCD.

So I just need some help to figure out from where I can get power for the LCD and rear view camera. I really want the system to be active only when I shift in reverse gear.

My Car : Vectra C , 4 doors, from 2004 , with an 2.0 DTI engine.