Hi, Got a problem with my 04 Vectra C 1.9 cdti (120) - in that twice over the last few days I have lost my power steering for a couple of seconds - on both occasions I had slowed down /stopped at a junction waiting to pull out and the engine was ticking over - as soon as I put my foot down to move off it started to work perfectly again.
I have checked all the connections to the power steering pump and the steering fluid and all seem ok
I have read several threads that point at the alternator being to blame and this morning checked it out.
The battery (bosch - newish) was reading 12.8 volts w/o engine running
With the engine running (no load - on tickover) it was reading 13.2 volts and with a few revs up to 14 +
With a load on ie heater fan , headlights, heated screen etc - it was reading 13.2volts and up when revved.
With a load on and moving the steering from lock to lock it dropped down to between 8 - 9 volts.
Would you say this indicates the alternator is on the way out.
Also will it do any harm to fit a larger output alternator than the original (105 amp) one.