Ive always been know for doing things on the spur of the moment, so here goes.

I bought the car from a dealer last August for £6700, like all my cars, as soon as I got it, I had the belts and water pump changed as soon as I could, Ive also had the alternator replaced as it was faulty.

Ive since added a VXR rear diffuser, painted gloss black, duel exit exhaust from a 2.2 and some nice shiny signum chrome fog surrounds.

The car is a 56 plate CDTi 150 Sri , and with the diesel express box fitted, at a safe and reasonable increase, I estimate its now around 170, it could be pushed higher, but I wasnt taking any chances. Its Dark Silver (not sure of the official colour name)

Reason for selling it, is that I've just spotted something really nice quite locally, thats grabbed my attention.

The car has 74000 on the clock, no known issues or smoke and starts every time. Drives very well with about 50mpg. There is a slight creak from the rear, but I'm led to believe that its the ARB buses that need replaceing, so not a costly job, even DIY if you know what you're doing.

I have no photos at the moment, but if theres any interest, I'll get some taken as soon as this crappy weather passes.

Like I mentioned, I paid £6700 for this about 8 months ago, so I think a reasonable amount to sell it would be about £5500

Any input, greatly recieved.