Afternoon all,

I've had three good years with my 2.2 Direct Signum, but with a change in the amount of miles I'm doing and the cost of petrol rising quicker than Pele after one of his viagras I'm thinking of changing car.

Seen a 55 plate Elite Signum 1.9 (150) which has done 94,000. Is it a big assumption to make that if it has got this amount of mileage then it isn't probably one of the 'bad' 1.9cdti's? Or at this mileage is there a world of hurt just around the corner? It's got FSH but haven't found out yet if any of the usual bits that fail have been replaced in it's lifetime.

The 2.2 Direct has been a great engine, but I'm getting only around 29.5 av mpg on the computer each week. That's a mix of a daily stop/start commute in traffic and hard mway driving each weekend of about 300miles. Those with a 1.9 (150) Signum would this average mpg be significantly different with the same mix of driving?

Cheers. Chris.