Of late it seems a lot of members are becoming lazy regarding Posting threads in wrong section's
Now we are privileged to have dozens of different section's and its not hard to look and then understand that Not all new threads need to be put into Vectra c/ Signum chat !!!

Vectra c/Signum Chat
= All Vectra C/Signum/car related general chat. Go to the Technical sections if it's regarding a problem.

This means if you have a question regarding buying or want/Have general information on this subject it goes in here.Any threads not related to this will be moved and no redirect will be posted !

All Technical related threads should be posted in correct section !

Troubleshooting = Got a problem? Post it in one of the sub-forums.
Eg: Engine & Drivetrain, Suspension wheels and brakes, Bodywork & Interior, Electrical & Ice

Subject line

Brief description of your problem or question,Any swear words in subject header is NOT ALLOWED any threads started with swear words in will be deleted !

Swearing or bypassing Swear filter

2. Language

Profanity and profanity directed at others in an insulting manner will not be tolerated, nor will obscene, vulgar, hateful, threatening or language violative of any laws. The swear filter is there for a reason, namely to filter out inadvertent instances of words not suitable for a family forum - these words having the letters replaced by the character *. Any posts where the swear filter has had to go into overtime will simply be deleted - no PM sent, no posting up of reasons and possibly a warning sent.

Equally, bypassing of the swear filter will be dealt with on a firmer basis. By bypassing we mean where letters have been selectively starred out, but other letters left, to make it obvious what the word is.

This is a family forum and members don't want their children asking what those words are/mean, nor do the majority of people wish to see a post/thread littered with this sort of thing.

Repeated breaches of this rule will result in an infraction and/or ban at the discretion of the forum moderators.