right not sure which way to go on this, last week i reversed the car and it went bang, anyway nothing really apart from the paint damaged.so phoned the insurance, got an estimate for the repair.
this is the question, the xp skirt(rear) along with the bumper was taken off last year to fit an vxr defusser,but the main reason was i wanted it respraying as i was going the irmscher show.but unbeknown to me when i went to pick it up.he decided that the best way to fit the defusser was to take off the skirt,(a real pig to fit with the xp kit on)but when he refitted it he siliconed the gap between the skirt & the bumper, mad mad. so do i go with the respray or do i go witha new bumper, i have the rear skirt, new defusser and sell the other bumper complete.

when i take the costs in,excess £250.00 or

sell bumper £200.00ish
already have new skirt
new bumper or 2nd hand one £100.00
defusser £40.00
sprayed £200.00.

at least i will be happy again.