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Thread: Hard Wire Sat Nav / PDA - questions. . .

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    confused Hard Wire Sat Nav / PDA - questions. . .

    Hi all

    This site has been amazing. Given me the confidence - but not the skill - to try stuff I never would have before.

    I have a new phone that doubles as sat nav and I want to hard wire it in so that I dont have the cable trailing accross the dash etc. It will be positioned on the windscreen, to the right of the steering wheel.

    I have read many threads here and it seems that I have two options:

    1. Get a new replacement cigarette lighter and wire it off the back (underneath) the existing one. I can then use a regular car charger and run the cable behind the dash. This would be switched - i.e. only on when ignition is on.


    2. Hard wire it into the lights at front which would give me live connection and would charge even with ignition off.

    I would ideally like to have the live connection so (following instructions elsewhere on this site) have proceded to take a look. From my very limited knowledge of electrics I know I will need a live wire (black) and an earth wire (brown).

    Well here is what I found: Pic 1 - all wires

    So I stripped it down and got to this: Pic 2 - wires 1-6 and Pic 3 - wires 7-12

    (haven't worked out out how to put the pics in line with text. Sorry)

    Can anyone tell me which of the 3 black wires from pic 3 I need to tap into??

    Of course I then need to decide HOW to make the connection. Is it better to wire directly to these or to attach a replacement cigarette lighter socket as in option 1 above?

    Any advice appreciated.


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    I'd just dismantle the cig adapter part the hard wire to any live feed, probably the cig lighter.

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