Iv read through post after post on this topic but don't think this one has been covered.

I have a 1.9cdti 150 55 plate vectra and it's developed a dull/dead response before the turbo kicks in. No dash lights have come on nothing to suggest the reason for it's poor running.
Iv had the EGR valve off (well caked up) and cleaned all that out, Iv blasted redex through her, de coked as much as I can pull off it. The actuator arm moves fine for the swirl valves, well I think it does. My question is: through how many degrees (ish) can you see the top of the swirl valve move when everything is ok?
Iv read somewhere that the module "learns" to addapt one way but can reverse. So if this is the case and my swirl valves are caked up has it learnt to stop the valve before it jams/settles in the carbon build up? As a result there isn't sufficient air flow past the valve because it is so caked up but from the outside the swirl valve seems to be wok