Hi All

Im looking for some direction on sorting my vectra sri 120 (without dpf)
when purchased back in October i had it remapped and everything was fine excellent power and driveabilty.

recently i had a major power loss and no power below 2500rpm then the turbo came and all the power was there

so i changed the egr valve and map sensor plus the fuel filter as it was waxed up.

the car then pulled fine and acclerated fine - straight away i developed a whooshing noise and the car hesitated/juddered on accleration at 1800rpm to 2500 rpm on light/normal acceleration but if you floor it you can drivwe through it - so today i went to see a friend of mine at a vx dealer - we cleaned out the throttle body although there did seem to be a fair amount of oil residue in the turbo pipe upto the throttle body,tried a different maf sensor and boost pressure valve.
carried out a leak test on the injectors and that check ok but the fault was still there.... so we stripped and clean out my old egr valve and reloaded the software as per the field journal 2149

although the whooshing noise has diappeared and the car is now running standard without the remap it still seems have a lack of power and slight hesitation....bacsically its flat and seems like its hunting when going onto to boost...

I have check alot of the pipe work and it all looks ok....Im thinking of removing the plenum chamber so I can view the inlet better ,tomorrow as it seems to be a fuel/air promlem.

Im thinking it maybe the turbo but how far do you go?

any help would be great as im now at the end of my teather.

Many thanks in advance