Hey peeps,

As some may have read in previous thread I have a 2006 2.2 direct Auto, It has just hit 40k and in the service book it says to oil change automatic transmission oil at 4 years/40k miles.
So I rang Vx yesterday to get quote on the oil/seals and a bit of advice on doing it, they told me that I will need tech2 to do the job correctly, so I asked them for a quote and they never called back.
So I called in today as I needed to pick up a fuel filter, I went to the service desk to ask for the quote they never rang me back with. The guy took my vin number and reg, looked confused then wondered of into the repair bays. After about 10 mins he came out with another guy (head mechanic I think). He asked me for my key and where I had parked the car. I said you havent even gave me a price for the work lol. He said no the system is not telling him what gearbox I have and he needs to have a look. So I gave him the keys.
15 mins later he returns and says if there is no problem with my gearbox then no need to change oil as its a sealed unit and has no drain plug, he would have to remove the bottom pan or summit. He said he called the main vx service people who said with my gearbox its just a visual inspection at 40k.
But if I did want it doing for no apparent reason (his words) they would be happy to oblige and charge me £8.76 per litre (7.5ltrs needed) and 2 hours labour with a tech2 session = £186.46

What you guys think, is this job such an arse they dont wanna do it or could it be they are telling the truth?
I may take a trip to another vx dearler in next town and see what they say.