Hi all!

I bought a 2004 Vectra 2.2 diesel sri a week ago and am having problems with it. The starting motor went on Saturday but the dealer I bought it from fixed it under the warranty. I collected the car on Tuesday lunchtime and on my drive home I could feel that the car had lost a bit of power but there was no other symptoms.

I drove the car into work this morning and a symbol of a spanner in front of a car came on the dashboard and I could feel the power was well down. I got to work and it mentioned that it could be an electrical/transmission fault. It also said that turning the car off then on may fix it. I went into work and came back to the car at lunchtime to see if the problem went away but I drove the car up the M5 and the spanner/car symbol came back on and the car lost power again. I rang the dealer I bought the car from who said that it could be a sensor fault and to bring the car in tomorrow morning. On my way home tonight the spanner/car symbol didn't come back on and although it was still down on power it wasn't as much as earlier in the day.

Do you reckon that it is a big problem with the vehicle or easy to fix? Sorry for such a long post but after only having the car a week I am worried that I have bought a dodgy car!!! Help!!!