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Thread: Error code p1125 throttle actuator...

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    Default Error code p1125 throttle actuator...

    Hi all,

    Lately my vectra cdti 120 has been a pain...

    First, i have had no power below 2k revs then sudden boost when the turbo kicks in and im away. It was really a nightmare pulling away from roundabouts!
    Thought of the usual, EGR and tried to get it off, but don't have the correct torx screwdriver at the moment, thought boost sensor then realised i couldnt get to it because the EGR is in the way on the 120
    Checked Vacuum pipes and realised one was split slightly so replaced, still nothing.

    Next day car was fine. Don't know how, don't know why, but i'm happy

    ....Then, one of my headlamp bulbs went sunday night, after only being replaced by vauxhall 3 weeks ago when the car was is for handbrake recall. I was not happy, especially when the other headlamp bulb went on me tonight, so i have no main headlamps, great....not only that but lack of power again from the pull off. Extremely great!!

    Went to dig the receipt out from the when they replaced the bulbs, which my girlfriend had put away without me looking 3 weeks ago, and there it is,

    code p1125, throttle actuator pos throttle body s/codes req for update

    What does this mean guys, is it the circuit board soldering joints gone or somthing more expensive?

    I'm not that mechanically handy and dont have a soldering iron...

    any help would be appreciated, cheers

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    Vehicle : vectra-c

    Trim : sri

    Engine : cdti

    Year : 2004

    Mileage : 98,000


    Follow the how 2 guide for the cleaning & repair to the throttle body, or get someone to do it for you.

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