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Thread: Rant Time!

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    Default Rant Time!

    Well, I need to get this off my chest lol.

    My Veccy, it nearly 6 years old and so far it has (in no particular order of when it was replaced ect)...

    -Had both wing mirror glasses fall out.
    -Wiper linkage come apart.
    -New Clutch at 3 years old under waruntee (baught it 3 years ago)
    -Wiper stalk lock broke duing winter so it dosent hold in place no more.
    -Hand brake button shoots off and hits wind screen nearly (befor the handbrake was adjusted which was a job nd a half in its self, 3 screws and 4 bolts later with several sliced fingers from sharp edges, i manage to fix it!)
    -Creaking dash
    -Cruise control intermittantly working as spring under clutch pedal loose.
    -Random plastic bits just falling off.
    -Rear light clusters filling up with water.
    -Door jam thingy replaced under waruntee.

    I dread to think whats next...I love the veccy but its just letting me down all the time, i get one problem sorted and another pops up. and unfortunately, i have decided to sell it in March after I have been to America. no more vauxhalls for me it must of been a friday afternoon car.

    My rover 25 wasnt this bad and thats a flippin rover! and no one listenes to me!

    Anyways rant over.

    who else has had a problem vectra? could it be because mine is a low spec club?

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    no, my 04 had wiper linkage / creaks, glove box arrester broke, cruise intermittently working, fuel pump (numerous), heater stopped working, coil pack (numerous), shock absorbers replaced (after 3 years!!!!) ... etc etc etc

    This one.... perfect!!!

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