I've developed a noise on the nearside front of my car, its a 150 cdti 2006. It makes like a whoo whoo whoo noise like something is touching then not if you get my drift rather like a wheel bearing. The noise has started to get worse over the last few weeks and today i changed the front discs as they have done 50000 miles and were about ready and thought this may be the problem, but it turns out not as the noise is still there. i re checked the fitment and re greased up the pad seats etc but they still felt tight although the piston pushes back with no effort at all. With the wheel off i turned the wheel using a ratchet and there is resistance without any pads in and a grating noise seems to be coming from the input shaft where it goes into the gearbox. has anyone had this problem before and is there a sure fire way of telling exactly what this is