My 2009 vectra 1.9 cdti 150bhp judders, not all the time, maybe once a week and it only lasts for a minute or so it happens as i join the motorway ill be excellerating doing 60 70 mph and then the car will hesitate or judder as if the fuel isnt getting to the engine, no warning lights presant, ill put my foot down and the car will shake more as if the engines about to stop working, then it will sundenly clear and run as if nothing had happend.
I took the car to my vauxhall garage and they could not identify any problems with the car probably because as i said the car only does this as and when it feels like it.The garage updated the software in the ECU (there were no faults recorded with the ECU) and said this would solve any issues, however the car is just the same, ive tried changing petrol stns to see if this helped (no change) ive checked the filters (no change) full service (no change) was wondering if any one had any ideas or history of this fault,the car started this at one year old only 10.000 miles on the clock at that point. Can anyone help? Thanks.