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Thread: Just cleaned my egr and boost sensor !!

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    Thumbs up Just cleaned my egr and boost sensor !!

    Well as you know i picked my car up yesterday from the place i bought it from.

    on the way home the engine management light came on and it was gutless below 2000rpm and smoking.

    RAC came out and hit the egr valve with a hammer which got it going again.

    I decided this morning to investigate properly as the garge have already said they would pay for a new one F.O.C, so it didnt matter if i broke it !!

    so i did the boost sensor first, getting it off was no probs and straightforward, the sensor itself was caked in soot and oil etc.

    so i gave it a good clean with some brake cleaner and a toothbrush which got it looking almost new.

    next onto the egr valve, again really easy to remove .

    i split the egr in half and had a good look at both parts. the solenoid part was fine , plunger moving nice and freely with no sticky bits, so onto the valve itself.

    I could see straight away that the problem was the valve inside the housing. i pressed it in where the solenoid would act on it and when i released it it stayed in instead of returning back.

    so set to work with the brake cleaner and the toothbrush again and gave it a really good clean. to be fair there wasnt much crud in it and it cleaned up nice.

    put it all back on the car and had a look at the air box.

    the aire box was full 0f leaves and debris so this all got cleaned out and i also did the airbox mod whilst i was at it.

    anywy once all this was back on the car i took it out for a spin and ....hey presto,its like a different car, nice and responsive and now has a bit of pull below 2000rpm.

    all in all im quite happy !!



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    Glad it worked for u mate, u can now enjoy ur car , I'd still get a new egr though and keep urs as a spare if the garage are gunna pay for it

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    Vehicle : Vauxhall Insignia

    Trim : SRi

    Engine : CDTi 160

    Year : 2009

    Mileage : 53.000


    Nice one...

    Should have taken a few pics too

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