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Thread: CD30 Compatibility

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    Default CD30 Compatibility

    My cd30 has long since gone, along with the car pass for my Vectra.

    The wife's 2005(54) Tigra has a cd30 in it - would this be able to be paired to my car (if I get a new pass) to adjust the clock? Vectra is full canbus, not sure if the Tigra is half can or non can but its still a cd30 mp3!

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    Vehicle : Vectra C

    Trim : Energy

    Engine : Z19DTH

    Year : 2005

    Mileage : 150,000


    ALL CD30 and CD30 mp3's are full CAN radios..

    The head-units are fine, it is the screens that cause all the problems..

    Tigra's, Astra-H and Corsa-D's are all wired up differently inside the screen due to different control module configurations.

    So yes..CD30 mp3 will indeed pair nicely to your car... but you would need to program the same code from the screen to the head-unit.

    It would need to be unpaired from the Tigra, with her pass number

    and then it can be paired to your car with your own car's pass number.

    As a hint... just disable the Anti Theft Setting... DO NOT RESET the head-unit
    RESETTING will need you to fully reprogram loads of modules to accept the head-unit

    Whereas re-enabling the Anti-Theft setting to your car should just require a change in security audio pass code, variance configuration programming, VIN Number and the code index to suit your vehicle.

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