Hello poeple. I found this on the internet. I think this was so good reading that I must share it with all of you that have interest for chiptuning

Powerboxes are the mother of all evil in this world. I am sure they were developed in a secret facility by satan himself and that is putting it mildly. With chiptuning your change ALL the needed parameters that run your engine. A powerbox just lies to your engine management system, throwing it off balance and feeding your engine the wrong amounts of fuel etc. Very often you will see powerboxes on ebay, which are basically two plastic plugs, a small box and a 5 cent resistor poured into black resin. If you want to get rich quick with an astronomical profit margin you should start selling powerboxes, because the company logo sticker on the outside is the most expensive part of it. Do they give you a noticeable effect? Yes, you will get some more performance, accompanied by a tail of black smoke and an engine that hates you forever. Still want to buy a powerbox? Read this paragraph again.

Want to know more? Check out this website: http://www.chiptuners.org/?p=8#more-8