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Thread: 150 CDTi woes

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    Default 150 CDTi woes

    Hi - this is my first post here so be gentle! I had my engine management light come on a couple of days ago so I booked my car into the local dealers for a checkup. I was informed that the EGR valve needed replacing, that the rod linkage has started to come off the swirl valves meaning I need a new inlet manifold and the ECU needs reprograming/updating. The car I bought new from the dealer and it has been serviced regularly by them at the correct intervals. It's now 4 years and 8 months old so its out of warranty, but it has only done 43k miles. I told them to replace the EGR but that I wasn't happy with the manifold replacement (over £1k quoted) or the ECU update (£95). I have opened a complaint with Vauxhalls Customer care, I've been given a case number and they will be getting back to me at the beginning of next week. I have now been researching the problem ready for ammo when I speak to customer care again, and I have read all the excellent information on various threads here about the swirl valve/inlet manifold problems - it seems to me that the general consensus is that the cause for failure is poor original design. The fact that so many 1.9 150cdti's have this problem also means I am not an isolated case so that's all fuel for the fire. The thing I can't get my head around is the £95 charge for updating the ECU. I come from an IT background so I imagine it's just a case of flashing an eprom with a new file. How can this cost £95? I look forward to your replys

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    If you did have to pay for it yourself get it done by an independent specialist, Mine is getting the inlet manifold done on Tuesday, I'm supplying the parts Inc inlet manifold, gasket, cambelt and waterpump and the total cost is £500 and that's with a cambelt change, I'm not sure whether I will have to have my ecu updated, good luck with vauxhall

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