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Thread: Strange ....Need some Advice

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    Default Strange ....Need some Advice

    So...its like this.

    I have a spanner on my dash which I was told that it came on because it was serviced at a non VX repairer, previously serviced 3 times at VX. (I bought the car from my dad, as he got a new car, its an 07 plate and hes had it since new.

    Its done 65k miles. One strange thing happned, As i pulled away in second, I floored it to get out of the traffic, it hit around 3000, 3500 rpm and seemed to stop 'boosting' and seemed to go flat (i cant really describe how, its just kinda 3000rp and it needs a gear change) 3,4,5,6 all fine however. Anyway, after this, everytime I was in second I booted it to see if the same happened on the way to the petrol garage. It did.

    So I filled up with petrol, left my wife in the car as I pulled the car forward so the guy behind could refuel. I left the car running while I paid for it. When I jumped back into the car, the spanner icon had dissapeared, I booted it out of the junction, and it pulled all the way to nearly the redline (I dont make a habbit of this, it was purely to see what happened) - On my way home, I curiously clicked my Cruise control, it came on and worked......

    Then about 15mins on the way going home, the spanner Icon came back on and now I have no cruise control on it, however the car doesnt drop 'boost' at 3000 rpm (for now)

    I looked at the last service sheet that the guy had done on the car, and it has a fault thing at the bottom P0100 - Mass air flow fault.

    Can anyone shed any light on this problem? It would be gratefully appreciated.

    Sorry for the wall of text and the scenario, Just thought it give a better idea as to what is going on....


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    Vehicle : Vectra

    Trim : Design

    Engine : 1.9CDTi

    Year : 2005

    Mileage : Lots


    Unplug the MAF sensor, it's right next to the airbox where the thick pipe leads off to either the turbo or the engine. This WILL put either the emissions or engine management light on and the car may lose some power but if it's giving out duff readings it can't anymore and the car will resort to a slightly 'rough around the edges' base map. The engine should pull quite smoothly.

    If this happens, clean the contacts of the plug on the MAF sensor with some pure alcohol or nail polish remover. See if the problem goes away. If not, try and find someone with the same engine model who doesn't mind if you borrow their MAF sensor. Try it in yours and see if the problem goes. It is possible to clean the sensor incase it's just dirt but they are quite delicate.

    Hope that helps!

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