hi guys, had a few probs lately with my vec c 2.0dti.
Replaced both vac pumps and pipes vac system sorted now.
replaced air flow.
replaced some split turbo pipes.
checked over full engine n cant find any thing else out of place but car is still 'chugging' between 1-3k revs in any gear you can hear engine revs dropping n going back up. now the EGR is making some wierd clicking noises, after you either rev it high or you just come to a stop. this only does it for 10 secs at most then stops. whiles it's 'clicking' engine revs dont really drop n go up by rev counter but ya can hear a change in engine note going up n down slightly. ive had it out cleaned it, and same with manifold, with no joy!

no lights or anything on dash!