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Thread: how to fit in hids?

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    Default how to fit in hids?

    recieved my hids today but dont know how to fit there an how to on it??and is it hard to fit em in?

    ive got my hids from hid-direct, got 55w for the fogs and low beams 6000k

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    Hi vectra............they are simple ............someone posted up how to put thyem together if you do a search can either fit by taking bumper and lights off (easiest way) or if you have small hands you can struggle a bit and fit them in situ

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    Not sure about the fogs mate but the kit itself only clips together on way so set that up first so you know what goes where....

    Then you need to remove your airbox on one side, and the battery cover and washer fluid filler tube from the other.

    The kit should of come with 2 rubber grommets for the wiring so you need to locate the twist lock covers for the low beams and take them off. But a hole in the centre for the rubber grommet to fit into and seal nicely.

    With all the parts disconnected remove the old bulb. Take the HID bulb out of its casing and clip it into the holder (you might need the spring clip if you dont have the springs fitted)

    You have 2 spade connectors that clip into the original bulb connection. Plug these in, tuck the wires away and pull the grommet down so it takes up some of the freeplay on the wires and is easier to close.

    (I cant remember which spade connector goes in each side lol. I did a post here
    which has the info on there as I got stuck too)

    Once the bulbs are in and you manage to get the covers on without pulling them out again etc which can be a pain then you can plug in the box and warning canceller if you have one and tuck them away somewhere.

    I put one down an opening between the wing and the airbox so that it sits slightly lower than the back of the light, and the other is in the space at the front of the battery box with the wires cable tied out of the way of the cover

    Don't forget to change those sidelights too or it will look horrible lol (as i found out)

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    [QUOTE=vectra_;1411987is there an how to on it??[/QUOTE]

    Yes. Have you looked?


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