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Thread: black ops easter eggs what have you found ????

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    Thumbs up black ops easter eggs what have you found ????

    right guys this has been out for a couple of months now so what else have you found ?????

    we remember the computer console that we entered DOA on?

    this gave us the dead ops over the top zombie game well try entering the following ...

    3arc unlock
    this opens up 5 zombie mode maps


    this gives the original zork text based adventure

    3arc intel
    this gives you all of the intel within the game BUT prevents you getting the closer analysis achievement

    and my personal favorite
    when your playing nuketown BOTH TEAMS need to shoot the heads off of all of the mannequins within the first 15 seconds of play (all within the accessible game area don't worry about the ones on the bus) for the big speakers on the towers to start playing sympathy of the devil by the rolling stones

    so has anyone found any others ??

    these are tried and tested on xbox360

    share and enjoy !!

    0-Large smile ......every time it's driven

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    have you tried clicking on the 3 phones in five zombies
    and finding the 3 meteors on the first zombies

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