wanting a bit of help again, my vectra is giving me some problems lately. its a vectra c 2.0 dti with the y20dth engine and 110k on clock.

right, the problems ive noticed this time is that when i accelerate between 1-2.5k revs theres a juddering but its definately an engine issue nothing else. the car is fine after 2.5k revs and pulls like a train. ive had fault codes read and its coming up something to do with the vacuum system, now ive replaced the vacuum solenoid thats on the slam panel some months ago which solved a problem then and replaced the air flow. but now i have a feeling its the other vacuum solenoid that opens and closes the wastegate on the turbo as this feels like a turbo problem. ive checked all vacuum hoses and replaced any i thought were ******ed but it aint solved the problem. another issue ive noticed is that theres a 'clicking' coming from what i believe is the egr? the grey lump mounted on the very front of the engine, its the one that has wires coming from it. ive been told this doesn't sound normal but is ok?

oh, on first start up it doesnt fire straight away like it used to, it still starts on first turn of the key but takes between 10 - 20 seconds to kick in. this only happens on the first start of the day or if its been stood hours its fine even after its been running two minutes it restarts with no problem. dont know if this is related? or if there is a fuse for glow plugs as these were replaced only a few months ago aswell.

any help would be appreciated before i go out and spend £££ on new parts!!

thanx :-)