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Thread: Engine Cleaning?

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    Default Engine Cleaning?

    What do you chaps use to clean your engines? I'm looking for a commonly available product that (a) doesn't need to be hosed off (can just be wiped off instead) and (b) doesn't come in an aerosol (aerosols usually make the cleaner ricochet off the engine and splatter the surrounding area). Ideally something that comes in a trigger bottle that you spray on and then wipe off.

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    hi i dont know if you can still get the tins of gunk not the spray1s if your going to do it when the engine is cold try turps or parafin and a paint brush or a tin of good strong de greaser try the 1s you get in pound land etc after you have scubed it rite in leave it for 10-15 mins in that time get a bucket of hot watter and clean the brush or use a diff 1 and dip the brush in the hot watter and use that to now shift the dirt and the old cleaner gunk or turps or parafin just make sure you dont get it on the exaust manifold if you do make sure you use lots of watter to clean as much as you can off

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    Do you want to clean the actual engine (head & block) or just the covers ?

    Auto Glym do an engine de-greaser or if you just want clean plastics and hoses, try ArmorAll.

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