What have you done to me?

I'm becoming obsessed with my car since finding this forum.

I've just done the brake,accelerator thingy to find the error codes, but I don't understand the code descriptions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P1461 A/C pressure sensor circuit voltage low

I assume this refers to my air con, could it be because I've just done the resistor fix?

P1525 Air Bypass Valve System
P1526 Air Bypass System

Could these be to do with the same?

P1550 PSPS Out Of Self Test Range

PSPS ? Not a clue,

P1565 Speed Control Command Switch Out of Range High

Is this to do with cruise control? My cruise won't always set with the up button on the stalk, I assume because of a dirty contact. I always use the down/resume button to set my speed.

Any interpretation much appreciated while I still have hair to scratch off my head.