Copied direct from thread on VVOC:

We're hosting a quiz in aid of Help for Heroes on January 9th at The Darran in Risca (postcode NP11 6GU), and after having a chat with Jim, I thought it would make sense to combine this worthwhile activity I'm aid of a worthy cause with the first meet of the year.

The plan is as follows:

Meet at the pub at 3pm. The car park is a good size, with ample space for plenty of cars. I'm in the process of sorting a Help for Heroes banner to go with our regional banner, so it would be awesome to get a good turnout and show our support.

The kitchen and bar are open all day, so there will be plenty of refreshments available all day. The quiz will start at 9pm and take about an hour to complete so shouldn't be too late a night for those of us from the west.

I'm expecting representatives from local veterans groups and current active servicemen, which will help promote this activity. I reckon we should be able to get some pics in with cars and the servicemen/veterans.

We'll also be selling raffle tickets on the day, so bring plenty of money!!

This is an ideal opportunity to get a good start to 2011, and is also an opportunity to show our support for one of few truly worthy causes out there today. Please make the effort to attend and get 2011 off to a flying start!

Names below please folks.

1. Nato

All welcome