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Thread: Ok.. I'm stuck !!!

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    Default Ok.. I'm stuck !!!

    I was generously given the Turtle Beach PX21 headset for Christmas for my PS3

    I've opened it early (shame on me) but I cant get them to work? Can you help please?

    I want to connect them to my Playstation 3 Slim which is connected to my Denon AVR1910 surround amp via HDMI cable. TV is then connected to the Amp via HDMI cable also.

    It appears I connect the headset to the PS3 slim via USB, but I then have to connect the audio cables somewhere? Where do they go?

    Back of the amp is below

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    I've changed the settings on the PS3 to accept the Turtle Beach headset so I can hear myself through the mike... but cant hear any game audio?

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    By the look of it you need a stereo splitter. Headphone jack has the two stereo channels but the amp takes them seperately. If you look at the picture in the link (scroll down), follow the lead from the headset and you come to the splitter identified by the green female jack and this splits off to two seperate male jacks which will simply plug in to the Audo jacks on the amp.

    If it were me I would plug the USB connector in to the USB connector on the PS3.


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    Yeah, thats the diagram that came with the headphones...

    However, there isnt any composite connectors on the PS3 slim, only HDMI out & optical out... no composite out.

    Also, I have connected the headphones to the PS3 slim via the USB cable, they are working and I can hear myself on the mike... but cant hear any audio from the console or game. It appears the USB is just a power source.

    In the diagram below... the cable coming off the USB cable has to go somewhere for audio? But where? as I have a surround amp, it doesnt go into the TV?

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    I would use this HDMI for ps3 and these audio out terminals,

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    Ok... just figured it out...

    Its nothing to do with the AMP

    I had to use the original AV Multi Out connector from the PS3 Slim as well as the HDMI out.

    The AV Multi Out Connector has the composite audio cables which connect straight into the headphones..

    So its all done

    Now I can join the chavs swearing and cussing online

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