left my 05 cdti 150 vectra in for its 70000 mile service as i had only bought it the week before,£180............not too bad i thought till they called me,fuel filter housing,banana arms,rear spring DS broken,tie arms.asked for a price for them to do the work.........£940..............nearly died!!! got them to fit the fuel filter housing,so bought the parts under a mechanics name(bigger discount) so on wednesday we got to work,changed the banana arms,replaced the springs,changed the aerial base (as i have water in the boot well),tie arms,a couple of damaged hoses,new K&N air filter with the airbox mod,i have to say a BIG THANKYOU to 'pete mc' from sheffield for his quick fix on the swirl flaps,so far so good just checked them today after i dug car out of the snow............still on!!!!! took two of us about 30mins (and a lot of swearing!!!!!) but success,if they stay on it would be great for £1,next up replace the brackets for the roof rails,clean boost sensor & EGR then 10k boost to clean her out!!

thanks all you guys here for all the tips n tricks
merry christmas & a happy new year to all at the forum