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Thread: Starting on 3

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    Vehicle : Vectra C Facelift

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    Engine : 1.9Cdti 150

    Year : 2007

    Default Starting on 3

    I have Sept 57 Veccy 1.9CDti would this have had the 3 injector plug change before delivery ??
    I do not remember the dealers telling me they had done the modification.
    Was this a recall item.
    As it is out of warranty what would Vx's position be on carry-out the upgrade???

    This only happens when it is very cold so could it be the glow plug rather than the Injector???

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    Vehicle : shatch- sports hatch

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    Year : 1901

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    If your injector plugs are all blue,it has the newer wiring already,i think it was only early cdti's that had yellow plugs.
    I had my glow plugs changed at the dealers along with the service when i first bought the car in october,because i plugged it in and it came back with a glow plug error code,and mine still started slightly lumpy from cold,when it was cold just before and over christmas.
    So i bought a can of wynns diesel clean up to try,and it seemed to work for a while,so i thought.
    But infact i think it's the voltage given to the common rail from the alternator,and if you rev the engine a little after a few seconds from the first start,it will run fine again,until you start from cold again and repeat the proces again.

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