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Thread: Coil Pack Vectra C

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    Default Coil Pack Vectra C

    I have a 2007 1.8vvt which I have owned for 2 and half years with no major problems. It has been great throughout this atrocious weather we have been having up here(Glasgow) over the past couple of weeks. However last week I felt it stuttering slightly when I was accelerating through the gears. Then yesterday the engine management light came on and stayed on during a 20 minute drive. It then extinguished itself on start up and remained off until this morning when again it stuttered before the eml came on again. Called the AA and he hooked it up and it showed a P0303 fault code. He said this was due to a misfire on cylinder 3. He cleared it and the eml remains off. He says it is maybe an indication that the Coil Pack is on its way out. I have an extended warranty with Arnold Clark, should this Coil Pack be covered under warranty or will they try and fob me off and put it down to wear and tear? Any help would be most appreciated.

    Thanks Phil

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    Vehicle : Honda Civic

    Trim : ES with Honda Image and City Packs

    Engine : 1.8 iVtec

    Year : 2009

    Mileage : 85000


    I would say that the coil pack will be covered, its not really a wear and tear item imo, but you never know with uncle Arnold....

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