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Thread: Rear shocks gone? May get coilovers...

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    Default Rear shocks gone? May get coilovers...

    I think my rear shocks have played their part and now need replacing. The suspension is a bit squeaky over speed bumps and there's been a couple incidents where I've experienced some pretty bad oversteer and I've been left snaking out of a bend.
    I don't know if this is meant to happen but I've never experienced oversteer like my vectra has in a FWD car.

    So I will be getting it checked after christmas and I was considering getting coilovers if the shocks do need replacing. I don't mind spending up to £500 for coilovers and have been considering them ever since I got the car and would only look to drop the car 30mm. I noticed the budget FK coilovers for the vectra are £180. Anyone got these coilovers and can tell me if they're any good?

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    Just search for FK coilovers in the search bar, there's plenty of threads about them.
    Some people have had no problems with them but then some people have (myself included).
    If you go for them make sure you get a kit that is for your model as there will be a different kit for 4 cylinder cars and another for all diesels plus V6. Change the droplinks as they have to come off anyway too.

    Look wise i was very happy the way mine sat on standard 17's but couldn't put up with the twanging and knocking anymore but if you are only after a 30mm drop just get some replacement springs if the shocks turn out to be fine.

    On another note get someone to check first that it is the shocks, might be bushes instead. Just a thought.

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    i would go for eibachs and standard schocks.... unless u wanna spend small fortune and get set of Bilstein B6, eibachs should set u off 140 ish , u can find FK's bit too hard as thats the setup i have Eibachs + fk schocks.......


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