Dear citizens of Vectra-c

In the last couple of months my 2007 edition CDTi 150 Auto "Life" had decided to start acting up a bit.

Cruise Control not staying on for more than 5 seconds and once a month or so the machine would clap out at 70 odd down the motorway all the dials going to 0 and me having to weave into the hard shoulder to attempt a relight.

I mean she only has 36K on the clock, and I took her into my local garage. They took her for a test drive and she broke down on them.

I've now been told that she has a faulty auto box and they need to fit a new one. Well no problemo she is under warranty.

Has any other "auto" 1.9 CDTI owner had this happen to them? or is it that I have a gearbox that has simply suffered "infant mortality" I wonder??

What also is weird is that it simply isn't an item they can change on it. I'll need a complete unit??? I know we live in a "Throw away" society and am not complaining but it certainly concerns me incase it happens again.

No the car hasn't been caned at all - my pride and joy.....Poorly

Any thoughts appreciated....