I wasn't able to find some tech info for the Vectra AFL headlight .

I have some questions, as my car had an accident recently and the glass of the headlight broke, the Opel mates checked, xenon was ok. After i waited 5 days for new parts, i drove the card with the headlight glass broken and eventually some water entered there ? ANyways, the xenon stopped working with my car on idle, no rain no nothing.

Do you know if the OEM ballasts contains 2 parts ? (one underneath the headlight, one on the back of the bulb), or is it just one ballast and the metal thingie on the back of the bulb is just a connector ?

The stealers told me that it's a D2S bulb type

PS: AFAIK, all connectors within the headlight are rubber protected for water resistance, maybe it condensed or something and i am lucky