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Thread: ticking noise from engine

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    Vehicle : Vectra 1.9cdti Sri 150

    Year : 2008

    Default ticking noise from engine

    lads just a quick question
    when the car (1.9cdti 120) is at idle ie parked up and running there is kind of a ticking noise from the engine- i think it sounds like and injector- would i be on the right track????


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    I guess the way to tell is to use a long extention bar against each injector as the car is running and see if you can hear if thats where the noise is comming from.
    Check the damper pulley on the crankshaft, as they are a dual mass type of thing and it's not unheard of them seperating.
    I have the 120 and it does make a ticking type of noise, it has improved since i used diesel magic and now run her on Shell V power, so might be injector noise. She has done 107k

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