Can anyone in the West Midlands region with good ICE knowledge help me out ?

When i'm parked up and want to listen to the stereo, my Alpine H/U will only come on when the ignition is fully on. This has only happened since i had the Alpine steering wheel controls fitted and the fitter said thats the way it is due to the full cambus system !
Is this B/S ?
Surely there's a way of having an aftermarket h/u and have it working with the ignition in the 1st position as in the original VX unit..?
I'm not keen on having the ign. fully on without the engine running. don't want to potentially 'FRY' anything !!!

I need someone to come and sort this out for me if they could, if it's possible, as i hate electronics !
(i still haven't fitted the old H/U to reset the time since the clocks went back !!! )