I've read around on a few off-site ICE threads and it seemed a few people had been having problems with their Basslinks.

They'd run great for a while, then suddenly, the unit would apparantly give up the ghost, in that it would switch on/off okay via the remote lead, but no sound came out.

Mine did the exact same thing about a week ago.

I checked all my connections and the phono-outs from the HU and everything seemed okay, so I assumed something inside had either blown or shorted or something.

Sure enough, the problem was that the main relay for switching the 'juice' on and off, was stuck in the 'off' mode all the time.

If anyone has a similar 'dead' basslink, I can take you through how to fix it.
In a nutshell, all you need to do is:

Undo the 40odd screws holding the thing together
Locate the said relay
Drill a hole in it and fill it full of switch cleaner

Once wired back up, all is working again.

I would recommend the unit to anyone with a 'C' who wants a bit more punch. Mated with the standard speakers, you get a great sound. The best thing about them is that they have a remote gain control which means that you can alter the amount of bass from the comfort of your front seat (I usually adjust it for every track).

Also its only a small thing and doesn't take up much space, 140 quid its as cheap as chips.