Hi everyone

Just got back from 10 days in Cyprus (Papohs) ... it was blooming hot

Got a post card from Vx Dealer ... your car is due its Service ...

Well, I am on EcoFlex and had it serviced with an EcoFlex service last year at 12,000 miles ... for £150. The car was reset to 31,000 miles untiul next service. I have done 22,000 miles now and have 18,000 till next service.

Car drives well, I may just bob it along to my local independent garage for its 2nd Eco Flex service at the end of the year and ask him to fit genuine Vx parts etc... and get him to stamp and sign the book.

Last time I went to Vx they didn't add any washer fluid, left a size 10 oil foot print on my new carpet and didn't reset the engine service indicator properly .. oh and nearly lost my service book.

I ust can't trust my dealers to respect my car (as I would do)