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Thread: Turbo Gone - Advice needed

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    Question Turbo Gone - Advice needed

    Hi Guys.

    First time poster here....and its bad news. Got my 1.9 CDTI SRI (120) back in May and the turbo went yesterday and spent today (with a lot of help) removing it. Its completely shattered inside.

    Need advice.....

    Why did this happen? What should we check to prevent happening again?
    What should be cleaned/blown out before fitting new one?
    How much am I looking at forking out for a new one?
    Is there any point fitting a second hand one?

    It was pretty difficult removing it! Would I be safer removing the bumper and pulling the rads a few inches forward for installing the replacement?

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Hi mate
    I got 120 sri 55 plate mine went about 3 mnts ago got it repaired at local repairers but got my own parts of the bay. mine also shatterd and splines sucked into head which also became f****D but managed to get both of the bay for about £500 and fitted for £500 not bad considering new turbo alone from vaux dealer £575 still puts a dint in the pocket though all running good now though.
    hope this gives some idea to costs only advice i can give is if fitting second hand parts get them checked by someone in the know to make sure its ok and if poss get returns guarantee most breakers round here do if part not fitted first

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