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Thread: misfire at idle

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    Default misfire at idle

    hi to you all im new at this and hope you can help me. i have a vectra 2.0 t 100 limited edition its started misfireing at idle but seems to go when driving then noticable when you try to put your foot down someone suggested the coil pack but i would of thought it would do it all the time any help much appreciated.

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    Vehicle : Vectra

    Trim : Design

    Engine : 1.9CDTi

    Year : 2005

    Mileage : Lots


    So would I but you never know. Have you done the simple things first like put a new set of spark plugs in?

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    You wont get a definitive solution just on that description mate.

    Many, many things can cause a misfire, or what feels like a misfire. Is it a misfire or is it lack of fuel? You probably don't know yet which is why it needs to have a full diagnostic ran.

    Misfires can often be diagnosed wrongly without having manufacturer specific diagnostics plugged in. From your brief description it could be -

    Coil pack
    Sensors (one or more of many)
    Fuel pump
    Fuel blockage

    To replace all the above you'll be over £1000, search locally for someone with Tech2/vaux com/opcom and spend £30 - £70 getting the fault pinpointed.

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