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Thread: "diesel knock" sort of noise

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    Default "diesel knock" sort of noise

    Or maybe a "pinking" way i can describe this & having just had the car for over a month its the one remaining thing i have yet to find an answer for.

    Starts great, no spanner light, seems to be good mpg, also seems to have plenty of poke if its floored.

    But, when i start up from cold, set off (driving steady,not thrashing it) go into 3rd gear & when the revs get to around 1500 to 1700 rpm it makes this pinking sort of noise. Ease of the throttle by just the slightest ammount & the noise stops. Doesnt seem to do it when it gets to temp though (which takes a long time , but ive heard that this is a characteristic of the dti,s).

    Have read a couple of posts by members on this site who have had similar experiences with this, but dont seem to have resolved it.

    What i have done, Cleaned swirl flaps, egr valve, boost sensor with carb cleaner, was some split vacuum pipes to turbo wastegate & swirl flap actuators but renewed the lot with silicon pipe, oil & filter, fuel filter changed. ( since i replaced the vacuum pipes ithe noise is noticeably less than before)

    It made this noise before i did any of this work, so i dont think its anything i have done!
    Any comments or suggestions much appreciated........ really love this motor and this is the nly thing that getting on me nerves at the moment

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    Vehicle : Vectra

    Trim : Design

    Engine : 1.9CDTi

    Year : 2005

    Mileage : Lots


    Mine does the exact same thing. It annoys me a little at times. However it has quietened down after adding some 2 stroke to the fuel tank. Not by a lot but it doesn't seem as pronounced now. Think it's just a characteristic of the DTi's.

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