Hi all. I have already done a search of the forum on this... I hope someone can help solve this problem. I have a 2003 3.2 petrol V6 Veccy. The car&spanner light keeps coming on and going off at no particular interval. I have had it at the garage this morning and they hooked it up to Tech 1 and there are no error codes.

Recently, I had two things done - installed an after-market radio/cd player. They could not find any auxiliary power so ran a tap for it off the front ciggy lighter. The sound system works great but, intriguingly, the date on the display disappears when I use the radio function. But only the radio function! The date still displays if I use the iPod or aux function. Bizarre.

The other thing I had done was to disable the function where the radio stayed on, even with the key in the "off" position - until the key was removed. They disabled this function because the radio kept coming on again and I was concerned it would end up flattening the battery. The alternative was to fork out A$700 for a new key barrel and key.

By the way, the reason I swapped out the OEM radio (Blupunkt 2620) was because the on/off switch broke and was not repairable. Fabcy having to replace a whole sound unit just because the 3 cent plastic switch (or, relly, switch button) broke...

Any help will be greatly appreciated.